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🚚 Worldwide Shipping!


PHONE: +359 243 71 640

Ally2Shop Online Trade Import & Export EOOD
100 Sofroniy Vrachanski Street
Office No 1 and 2, 1233, Sofia, Bulgaria

Company Number (Bulstat): 206490755
VAT Number: BG206490755


Mon-Sat 10 am-5 pm / Sofia Time

Cookie Policy


Our website uses cookies to collect information. This includes information about customer’s behaviour when they browse our website. Information about page views, browsing history, product purchases, and the journey on our website. This is so we can improve the services we provide to our customers based on their needs and requirements.

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Like most websites people visit today, uses cookies to collect data. Cookies are small data files / text files used to identify your device when you connect to one of our services. Cookies are essential for the effective operation of our website and to help you shop with us online. They are also used to tailored and advertised according to your requirements based on your browsing history.

Information collected

Some cookies collect information about browsing and purchasing behaviour when you access our website via same computer or device. This also includes information about pages visited, products purchased and your journey on our website. We do not have cookies collecting date on your name, address or other sensitive contact details. We only use the cookies to help track your shopping behaviour in order to make your experience more user friendly.

How are cookies managed?

The cookies are usually stored on your computer or other devices you use to access our website. Our websites are designed and maintained by our internal team, we may be using third party partners for some of the marketing communication or for web banners who participate and act on our behalf or we may be using various software programs in order to deliver the services and goods in the most efficient way.

What are cookies used for?

The main purpose of the use of cookies are for:

technical reasons required to operate our website(s) effectively and efficiently, especially for online transactions and navigation of our website; to market products tailored for your requirements, particularly web advertisements and targeted updates;

collecting information about your browsing and purchase history, monitoring your interests particularly to deliver a more targeted content. Monitoring if our marketing communications have been opened and if so which parts have been clicked on to show us your interest;

our website to meet the contractual obligations when our customers make payments to the third party suppliers when a product is purchased by somebody who visited our website.

Can I disable cookies?

Yes, you can disable the cookies on your device when you visit our website. If you wish to disable the cookies, you will need to go to your browser settings to reject cookies and how you can do this will depend on which browser you use.

For Safari:

Click on preferences and Privacy. Then select “remove all website data”.

For Google Chrome:

Select Settings -> Advanced. Go on to “Privacy and security” click on “content settings” and finally find and click on “cookies”.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Find “tools” and then “internet options”. Click on the “Privacy” tab and select the appropriate settings.

For Mozilla Firefox:

Choose the “tools” on menu then “options”. Click on the icon saying “privacy” and find the menu indicating “cookies” and select the appropriate option.

For Opera 6.0:

Choose “Files” on the menu and then “Preferences”. Find “Privacy” and select the appropriate option.

Depending on which cookies you disabled, you may find the website may not operate properly in general. You will still be able to make purchases on our website if you only disabled third party cookies. You may not be able to place any orders on our website if you disable all cookies.

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